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Cancer Prediction for 21 September

Your Horoscope for Friday
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Are you in a stable relationship and you've been together for a while, without caring if you've got married or that you don't have an engagement ring?

Because the stars today point out that the matrimonial agreement will be hugely favored, especially if the native of Cancer is older than their partner.

The projects for two can be considered as an advantage, and some of you (not all of you, according to the cosmos) will discover the opportunities of having a project together but more focused on business than on making your family grow or something like that. 

Furthermore, the oracle of the Magic Horoscope indicates that the recently initiated bonds will thrive, and it will be possible to advance towards a stable future, and for singles, a radical change of life can be read.


Not long ago there was an essential change in your economy and in your way of administrating money, as a change of job, a business separation or even a divorce.

Some circumstances that make you consume and spend the money differently.

However, you're still rather visceral, instinctive, thinking that there is no problem when it comes to using the credit card.

Meditate well every time you make a purchase today, because you may make mistakes that you end up paying for a long time.

Don't look for excuses where there aren't any, Cancer; you know that not everything you buy is something you really need. 

And even for the latter, there are options that help you save some coins.



The only ailment that you can suffer from today according to the health reading of the Magic Horoscope is related to the digestive system.

That is why it is necessary to take good care of your intestines, so try following a soft diet.

Avoid raw vegetables, the abuse of yogurt, the cottage cheese and other dairy products if they usually make you feel a bit wrong. 

To promote your intestinal transit, you'll find plums greats allies; it will be a good way to fight aerophagia and have a flat stomach.

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