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Cancer Horoscope for 22 December

Your Forecast for Saturday
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The stars are excited this Saturday, especially at night. Do you have any plans yet?

If the answer is no, burn the phone until someone joins your adventures because there is guaranteed fun.

Also, there's magic around you that can cause friends to turn into something else, even if it's a one-time thing.

Almost as the Cinderella pumpkin became a beautiful carriage, a weak feeling could turn into love, although at dawn everything will be as it was before.

Those Cancer who are in a steady relationship should take more time to tell their partners how much they love them. Sometimes it is necessary to remind those feelings to the ones we love.

Likewise, make sure that your family also perceives your affection, and get rid of your bad mood.


It doesn't matter that it is Saturday and that many natives of the crab sign don't have to work today.

Work duties will knock on your door! Or in other words, on your mobile phone and your computer, because you are expected to be in great demand.

Budgets that have not been completely clear, projects that will fall and an endless number of inopportune circumstances related to your way of earning a living.

Keep calm, and try to postpone the answers if you really didn't have to work this Saturday.

The world won't stop spinning if you don't answer a call or answer an email quickly, will it?


Check the medicine cabinet you have in the bathroom, because there are expired medicines.

Make a small inventory of everything you have, if they are on a good date and if there are any that have already exceeded the recommended time to consume it.

By the way, take to the pharmacy what you don't use because it can be useful to people that can't afford to buy medicines.

It won't cost you any work, and you'll be giving life and health to those who really need it.

If you have trouble falling asleep, lemongrass will be your best friend if you take it as tea every day before going to bed.

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