Cancer Forecast for October 22

Cancer Magic Horoscope for Monday
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If you are a native of Cancer, the Magic Horoscope wants to give you some advice.

You need to leave more space between your partner and you. Your other half also needs some time on his/her own, and you don't need to ask for explanations every time.

Unfortunately, the Moon will complicate things for you. If you are too possessive with your partner, you will only push them back.

On the other hand, you will get over your shyness. This is great news if you are single, for you won't be afraid to be more openminded or to get a negative answer.

You will feel more talkative and will break the ice wherever you go. This is great for having interesting conversations with interesting people.

Thanks to the new traits of your personality you will manage to seduce whoever you want. Enjoy this situation, but don't forget your true-self.


Today your day will be successful in money matters, especially for those who work home according to the Cancer's sky.

However, make sure that everything is working well, and if there is something wrong, look for a solution a.s.a.p.

Don't let anyone notice that something might be wrong. Try to give a good impression, both aesthetically, and through your hard work.

Besides, remember to always carry cash with you. You can always need it. Sometimes credit cards can give problems and headaches.


You are a bit stubborn sometimes, and you are insisting too much on some bad habits that are not beneficial at all.

Why don't you listen to people's advice? Maybe you are making bad choices and you don't want to accept it.

Mondays will be easier if you are in a good shape and a good mood.

It is important that your feet touch the ground. Don't overreact.