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Cancer Magic Horoscope for December 23

Daily Prediction for Sunday
Cancer Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Be careful with Uranus current configuration! The Magic Horoscope tells you that this Sunday this planet exposes you to marital thunderstorms.

Especially if you already perceived that your partner had a certain frustration, sometimes combined with the shadow of breaking up because of cohabitation issues.

Sometimes you will consider the idea of ending your love story in situations where you can't give more of yourself, but it is better that you do not shoot the arrows yet.

Because then it will be almost impossible for you to repair the damage of decisions made under the impact of poorly controlled emotions.

If you're single there will also be action in your love life, but in a more positive way, because many natives will run into someone with a lot of magnetism and a beautiful smile that will not leave them indifferent.


Mars' current position influences that your day is marked by ambition.

You are willing to achieve your goals, and you will get to do it, especially if you are currently studying and exams are coming. Also, if you are preparing for a few public exams, the stars are by your side as well.

Fight for your goals because it is the ideal moment to occupy a more important position among the employees of your company, or even to set up your own business, with an independent profession and in which you are your own boss.


In the Christmas period it is impossible not to fall into temptation when it comes to food and drink, do you agree?

Just the once will not hurt... But the thing is that you start eating like in Christmas a month before it even starts.

However, the stars don't want to recommend moderation (which wouldn't hurt you, by the way), but that you take care of your teeth.

And you are likely to experience some problem when you are eating typical Christmas sweets, such as almond nougat.

So be careful what you eat, for a broken tooth is painful and expensive to repair.

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