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Cancer Horoscope for 23 September

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Would you like to get on your lover's back and fly together to see the city as if you were a superhero couple with the wind blowing on your face?

And even though you'll feel this powerful, the Magic Horoscope also points out that you'll find yourself with small misunderstandings on the horizon. 

You might have some conflicts in your marital life because your partner will feel that you are abandoning them for things that they think are important but you don't. 

You are in different moments, and you have opposed priorities, so try getting to an agreement.

As a single person, if this is your case, you know that you're devoting your body and soul to a new person, and the stars point out that you won't regret it. 

This passion could well give birth to a beautiful and long love story!


The stars favor your human relationships in matters related to money and work, so it promotes communication with those people who do business.

The favors you ask for will be granted and fulfilled, only if they are sensible and moderate and full of good faith.

And in the case that something goes wrong (which could happen because of Mercury's influence) try to quickly clear up that climate of discrepancies so that it doesn't prevail in your environment.

The God of commerce can cause some rivalries that will confront you with colleagues or collaborators, and you will be forced to show moderation and diplomacy.


If you've been feeling weak lately, your health will improve significantly, but not enough to start competing in some Olympic Games.

Continue looking after your health, so that the improvement that begins is long-lasting and profound.

Indicated by the influence of the Sun on your sign, you will demonstrate a contagious dynamism that your loved ones will enjoy and will even pass on with it.

However, be careful with the impact of Pluto, which can impact on a few unexpected tensions that cause you some discomfort.

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