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Cancer Daily Prediction for 24 December

Monday’s Cancer Forecast
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Even if the Christmas atmosphere transmits peace and love, the stars foresee that you won't be feeling like that today.

The family dinners that are typical from these dates will force that some wounds that you thought were healed will open again.

It will be hard for you to avoid not getting into arguments with people close to you, not to say that it will be impossible.

Try to find the peace you need within you, especially because if you don't do it you will ruin Christmas for others, like your parents, your partner or your children.

Likewise, if you are single, you will realize that there is a friend of your who is really willing to see you, and not only to have a mere coffee.

Maybe Santa will place under your tree a new heart?

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As far as your money is concerned, you will be a bit rebellious. You will avoid getting presents to those who you think don't deserve them.

We could tell you to lower your guard a little and relax. However, the Magic Horoscope invites you to act guided by your heart.

There is no need to follow conventionalisms. You don't have to run out of money only because the calendar says it's Christmas.

Also, at work, you won't be easy to tame, and you won't be able to stand people giving orders to you or doing things that you don't want to do.

But don't worry, because this won't last forever, and it will be over before it gets too far.


At a mental level, you are really focused on your private life, and you will make your best to keep that harmony for the whole day.

Try not to overeat, and be especially prudent with alcohol.

By this time of year, which is surrounded by friends and family meetings, it is easy to have a hangover the following day.

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