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Spending so many hours together under the same roof may cause love to deteriorate and lose its magic.

Everyday reproaches can turn into a dagger that hurts a lot and ends up leaving a wound that cannot be healed with a few simple kisses.

Why don't you make an effort this Sunday to add some balm before the wounds are impossible to cure?

Maybe a romantic dinner, or a visit to the theater, or to the movies. Whatever is necessary to regain passion.

If you are single, Cupid will try to reach you with his arrow (or more than one arrow).

Don't you realize that you could find happiness with someone who is already an important part of your life?


Sometimes we have the feeling that, in order to save money, we have to squeeze every cent and every good that we have.

However, if you think about it, instead of avoiding spending money, it would be more beneficial for your savings not to use certain things.

Traveling by car is really expensive. Consider other means of transport that are cheaper, for instance, the train or the bus instead of using your own car.

Also, to move through the city, bikes are the best option, for they are cheap and eco-friendly.


The stars usually try that you have a healthy lifestyle so that your health is at its best.

However, this Sunday the stars tell you that you don't have to be perfect. Trying to control every habit every day would make you crazy.

Admit it: perfection is boring. Be consistent with your moral values and principles, but you don't necessarily need to be monotonous.

Add something spicy to your correct, proper, healthy lifestyle. Something that makes you feel something different.

With moderation, everything is possible. Go ahead and eat that piece of cake you so much desire!