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Everything is quiet and calm in your love sky, for Venus is taking care of the sign of the crab. Congratulations.

Your love relationships are under a sign of harmony and complicity, even though you will have to face some rock in the way. Not everything will be easy.

If you wish to keep this privileged atmosphere (and of course you do), you will have to get down to work. 

Those Cancer who are single and want to go on a trip, start looking for some offers and organizing it. Don't hesitate!

The astral atmosphere points out that love can be waiting for you are the end of the journey, and it will be something really important.


Even if you think that you need to go shopping (even if it is grocery shopping) try to postpone it a little bit more.

In the future you will realize that some of the items that you thought you needed weren't essential at all.

At work, your tendency to give your peers the best of you or even share with them your best ideas will cause you to be disappointed today.

Learn the lesson and record it in your mind. Make sure who is worth trusting and who really is there for you in need.

Don't forget about your dreams and your intuitions. These are the magic keys that will open the doors to your future.


Today your self-esteem levels are not at its highest, aren't they? Your reflection in the mirror is not what you expect to see, Cancer.

With a little dedication, you could improve your beauty, and almost without spending a single cent.

For example, you can make eye bags disappear with something as cheap as tea.

Take two tea bags with cold water and put them in the fridge, and when they have an icy temperature, apply them to the eyelids.

Ten minutes will be enough, enough time for the tannins of the tea and the cold to deflate your eyes and reduce the redness of the area.