Cancer Daily Horoscope
Cancer Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Your heart is very easy to seduce this Wednesday, Cancer. The Magic Horoscope points out that Venus' position makes you vulnerable.

Many of the natives of the crab sign who are single will get to know very interesting people, and most of them will feel like something awakens within them, and it will be growing every day more until it doesn't fit in your chest.

However, some others will be seduced by people who are not as adequate for them as one would expect.

Be careful with the people who pretend to be something they are not, and that hide behind a fake mask. That doesn't mean that their intentions are bad, though.

They just can hide the feelings that they don't wanna show, or even pretend to have some interests that are not true only to get to you.


Recycling is marvelous, and that will allow you to improve the world for those who are yet to come. No matter if you plan to have children or not.

However, today the stars will stimulate your mind so that you start giving new uses to some items that you thought you didn't need.

Don't throw away everything you no longer use, for you could find what to do with it afterward.

For example, with empty water bottles, you can make a thousand everyday utensils, such as a bag dispenser, or some cooking tools, such as chopping vegetables and collecting them. The power of imagination has no limits!


Fear will get within you, Cancer. There is something that won't let you live in peace.

Your health will suffer from something whose treatment scares you to death. Maybe needles or X-ray?

A good tip to overcome those fears is to be busy doing something else. Maybe you could try entertaining yourself with an activity that forces you to pay less attention to what's around you.

Playing crossword puzzles with your phone, reading a magazine... You sure have plenty of choices!