Cancer Horoscope for 28 October

Your Forecast for Sunday
Cancer Daily Horoscope |

- Love
- Money
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Try to solve your marital relationship now that you are under Mercury's good influence, Cancer.

Make an effort to have a realistic point of view. You already know how the people around you are...

If you keep being so positive and resolute, the stars assure you that your love life will be full.

The crab's natives who are single will be satisfied and content with their love affairs, flirting and seducing.

Maybe someone is willing to start a steady relationship with you. You will have to consider if it is worth it and if it will make you happier than you currently are.


Today you will consider investing. However, be careful how you do it, and make sure that what you spend on will not have lower value eventually.

Art pieces, for instance, won't revalue afterward, and they will cheapen as soon as you acquire them.

Be wise and don't let yourself be fooled by those people who seem to have such convincing ideas for you.

Always calculate and consider the risks so that you minimize the possibilities of losing money. It seems logical, but sometimes we forget about it.

If you are developing a group project that implies a lot of people, focus your astral energy on teamwork, cohesion, and association.


Your positive astral impulses will help you acquire a good moral.

You will find within you the desire to make everything go back to the way you like it, and to habits that you haven't practiced for a long time.

Always remember to do things calmly, setting your own pace and not letting anyone make decisions for you. Take all the time you need to relax, rest and change your mind.

Develop your imagination, don't put yourself limits and find spiritual happiness.