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Cancer Horoscope for 28 September

Your Forecast for Friday
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You have to chase your dreams and fight for them, that's undeniable. We are here to achieve our goals and enjoy.

But you don't have to be so selfish as to believe that the world turns around you. And the Magic Horoscope is telling you this because today you tend to break hearts.

This Friday you will want to flirt with some people, which may be fun, but don't promise anyone that you'd do anything for them when you will actually get bored and won't pick up the phone again.

But that Don Juan syndrome that you believe to be so funny is very harmful to those who you seduce (even though you know that they are really a whim).

Don't hurt people just for the sake of it, got it, Cancer? Be mature, honest and courteous, and don't say anything that you don't really feel inside your heart.


Economy and work are constantly evolving, and what used to be accepted yesterday may just be obsolete now and, therefore, wrong.

In Cancer's firmament, we can see that today you don't have to fight against progress and that you have to adapt yourself as soon as possible to the present, and even anticipate future.

But don't stray from the proposals that would offend your natural modesty. Otherwise, you would regret it.


Venus influences your health, putting special emphasis on your mind and your sense of humor. Today you are very joyful, and you'll be up for anything.

It won't be very hard to talk you into going out and enjoy a glass of wine or lemonade if you prefer not to drink alcohol.

This Friday you will create solid friendship relations in a warm atmosphere, and it would be great that you scheduled a dinner with those friends that you haven't seen or called in a long time.

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