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Cancer Magic Horoscope for September 29

Daily Prediction for Saturday
Cancer Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



If your heart is busy, the stars say that your partner is feeling very sensitive this Saturday, and he'll know how to get to your heart.

If you're a Cancer, you'll feel like everybody understands you and that your partner shares his emotions with you with magical symbiosis, which is encouraged by the cosmos.

Perhaps you will perceive him to be a bit hesitant, but that is only because he wants to do things right to see your smile and make you happy. What else do you need?

Concerning family, you may experience discomfort due to the attitude or behavior of certain people, possibly your children if you have.

You need to control this discomfort, otherwise, it could lead to a deep feeling of bitterness and discouragement. You better let it go as soon as possible.


This Saturday is the perfect day for managing all of your little expenses that have a slow impact on your economy day by day, month by month.

The stars will brighten your vision so that you can crunch numbers successfully, and you'll realize that if you remove some little expenses, a little here and a little there, you'll get to save an interesting amount of money.

Today you will be tempted to spend money on gambling (maybe bingo or the wheel of fortune), but you must know that goddess Fortuna is not feeling like pleasing Cancer this Saturday.


Relaxing is key to you this Saturday! You live too fast and too intensely, and you need to change the pace now in order to stop that excessive nervousness of yours that makes you crazy.

Slow down, and you'll feel more relaxed, and even if it's weekend don't fill up your agenda with events with friends or family.

Consider how much you need to spend more time with yourself, you really have to do that.

Apart from that, there's nothing else new, for Saturn will take care of your wellbeing. But... why not consider going to the doctor for a general check-up?


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