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Cancer Magic Horoscope for December 3

Daily Prediction for Monday
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Have you ever thought that love is like playing Parcheesi? Everybody knows it, but the rules are different depending on the person you are playing with.

You and your partner should establish some rules about what is allowed in your relationship and what should never be done.

This doesn't mean that your relationship has to become a dictatorship where one establishes rules and the other has to obey them and has no opinion.

You have to look at each other as equals and work together on the guidelines that mark your lives from now on.

And if you have to change the rules in the future, so be it! This kind of things should flow.

We are sure that when you were ten, you never imagined that having a partner would be like this.

If you are single, you can also consider this advice for the future. Use it when you are starting a new story with somebody.


Now that you have enough money, you shouldn't be wasting it. Consider saving it for the future, for you never know what may come.

Maybe you will have to face unexpected expenses, some holes that you will have to fill. There are possibilities that you do this with someone, or maybe on your own.

It could be related to your household economy, and also to your work, probably something about your company or the company you work for.

Are you an employee? This Monday is the right day for you to ask for a raise!


In order for you to get to know your own body, it is not enough trying to listen to it. You also have to be intuitive to know if there is something that is not working the way it should.

It wouldn't hurt if you got some information about health and wellbeing this Monday, you know, Cancer?

You will get to know some tips that will help you improve your wellbeing, but also to prevent some problems in the future.

If you are somewhat hypochondriac, just visit your doctor. They will tell you not only the problem but also how to face this fear.

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