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Your love life is fully protected this Saturday, Cancer, so you can lower your guard, enjoy and relax.

Venus is influencing that aspect of your life. This planet provides stability, fidelity, and commitment in the long run.

Make the most of Venus' influence and enhance your marital ties testing your stability.

You'll know how to deal with those people who are trying to do you both bad.

If you are single, you are a bit shy today, aren't you? Change that attitude right now. You'll be forward-looking in love from now on.

You have a beautiful weekend ahead of you so you should take the plunge.

Think twice before you show your love to that person. Consider if you want to be in a relationship or if you need some more time on your own.


This weekend planet Mars is showing very dynamic, and that will help you take the right decisions in money matters. Not bad, huh?

But it is always good sense to beware and don't get absentminded. This planet also has the effect of making Cancers very impulsive, so its influence is a double-edged sword.

Therefore, you are likely to experience a phase of sweet madness. Don't exceed your budget so that your bank account is not in the red.

At the same time, many planets are beneficially influencing your behavior and will enhance your communicative skills and your intellect.


The Magic Horoscope recommends that you don't let flirting be against your health, Cancer.

Therefore, avoid wearing tight clothing which is not your size or uncomfortable footwear, no matter if it makes you look more appealing.

You are likely to feel suffocated today, so stay away from coffee and tobacco. Also, try to include into your diet more vegetal-origin foods as substitutes for meat.