Cancer Horoscope for 3 October

Your Forecast for Wednesday
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You should be very happy, for the Magic Horoscope stars will provide Cancer with an excellent day concerning love.

Your day will be a stairway to heaven. Everything will only get better. You will experience intense and pleasant situations and emotions.

In the case you and your partner have been through a rough time, it's an excellent moment to forgive each other. If you have recently broken up, it's also a good time to come to terms (only if that's what you want, of course!)

Remember to call your friends back. Perhaps they need you now, and you didn't notice.


The fastest way to make money may not be the best one or the most reliable or legal one, Cancer.

Take good care of the way you earn your living, for today Mercury has its eye on you and will try to attack your weaknesses.

Thus, try not to show those weaknesses at work. And don't try to reach your goals regardless of the means if it involves doing something morally questionable.

If someone corrects you today, try to welcome their words. Don't put excuses that not even you understand and share.

On the other hand, try not to run out of cash, because there is an astral predisposition for you to suffer unforeseen economic events. We warned you.


The insecurities you've carried in your back for years today will particularly weigh, Cancer, so it's time to start thinking about how you'll get rid of them forever.

You have to be sure (even if it's difficult!) that you are no less than anyone else, neither physically nor intellectually. Each one of us has skills, a value and a body that make us unique.

This Wednesday do whatever you want, and don't think that you can't do it or that you don't deserve happiness.

On the other hand, Jupiter's influence may provide you with some kind of hormonal imbalance today. It's nothing you should worry about.