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This Friday is a fight. This is how the last day of the month of November will be for you, Cancer. Hearts take different paths.

If you want your partner to stay by your side and that s/he is not tempted by some poisonous snakes, you have to show your love.

What glues you two together is strong and won't be broken by a simple attempt to destroy it. Love and passion are harder than a diamond.

If you are single and liberal you will change your mind. Now you will be looking for steadiness rather than simple ephemeral affairs.


Your mind will be clear and bright this Friday. However, you will feel lost in many occasions because of the circumstances that surround you.

The goodwill gestures that you will do today to improve your relationship with your friends, family or even co-workers, will be misunderstood.

In life, you have to know to win and also accept your defeat. What you will find weird is that someone believes that there are dark interests in doing something good.

The Moon will try to lend you its light. However, probably it won't be enough.

Don't let all this situation affect the concentration of your mind. Pay attention to your belongings: don't forget your wallet on the bus!


We know that there is something with our body when, all of a sudden, our body is full of welts and it itches.

Our body usually tries to tell us that there is something that is not working well. Have you tried taking a look at your nails?

If they are whiter than usual, or even look blueish, or have spots or break easily, don't hesitate and go to the doctor.

Maybe it could be something simple like a lack of sulfur, but it could also be warning you that you have lung problems or poor nutrition.