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Cancer Prediction for 5 December

Your Horoscope for Wednesday
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The memories of old disappointments in love will come back to your head, and they can even make you hate Cupid.

Those Cancers who have recently broken up with someone will wonder if love really exists or if it is just a social construction, an invention.

Venus will be there to cheer you up and try to put the pieces of your heart together so that it beats strongly again.

Do you wish to have a good day? Then don't dramatize, and act always thinking twice and keeping a cold mind.

Violence, aggressive behaviors, and whining won't get you anywhere. Wait patiently for things to calm down by themselves.


What expenditure do you have to make that implies a certainly important disbursement and that you are postponing all the time?

Face your monetary liabilities, no matter what it is: taking out insurance, or taking the car in for repair, for instance.

In the end, you'll get better, sooner rather than later, so stop being anxious and making numbers in your brain as if it was a big blackboard.

At work, you have to promote a better connection and relationship with the people that you usually hang out with, those that you consider your friends.

You will sometimes feel puzzled as if you were lost in the middle of nowhere. You better use your compass to find the north so that it doesn't have any bad consequences.


Your appetite may be decontrolled, Cancer, and not because you are really feeling hungry, but because you are bored.

Don't hide in food if you have problems in your life. You will not solve the situation using the plate and the fork.

Anyway, if you can't help it, at least try to choose fruits and vegetables rich in fiber to fill your stomach. That will help you feel satiated.

If there are things that are not working properly around you, make the most to provide real solutions. Also, try to find what are the riskiest circumstances you have to face and always avoid them.

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