Cancer Daily Horoscope
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The beginning of your day is too quiet, and you could even consider it to be monotonous and get bored of everything eventually.

Sometimes you start thinking about how your life would be if you dared to do what you really like and start again somewhere else where nobody knows you.

Many natives of the crab are wrong if they think that they would be happier like this, for you are confused. Monotony is not the same than stability.

Life is not an emotional rollercoaster in which you keep going up and up, with the wind on your face and great excitement all the time.

Remember that rollercoasters also have to fall sooner or later.


You will realize that you gain freedom at work as if nobody supervised you and you had more control over what you do.

Don't be a fool. All eyes are on you, even though you can't see them.

If you fail, you will pay the consequences, and you won't even have the opportunity to fend for yourself.

In the same way, everything you do with good intentions will be rewarded. However, you will have to wait a little bit for your efforts to be appreciated.

At first, your economy will be more stable, and you will have to pay those bills you already knew of, so no surprises for you today.


Saturn is taking care of your health and is protecting you from external agents today.

Now all you have to do is take care of your own wellbeing. The stars recommend that you watch your clothing so that you aren't too cold or too hot today, for both things are equally bad for your health.

If you have the chance to meet your friends and do some activity altogether, it will do you good. Maybe a soccer match or playing board games or cards.