Cancer Daily Horoscope
Cancer Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



This Friday you will balance between hesitation and doubt. You will be divided between the desire for everything to remain the way it is and the desire to live new adventures.

Some Cancer will wonder if it is best to stop their impulses and refuse to enjoy a great passion.

On the other hand, others will risk it all and live an adventure. It will be as important as you want it to be.

But then don't go saying that you weren't aware that what you did was wrong when you perfectly knew that it was so.


According to the forecast of the Magic Horoscope, everything seems to be calm concerning your finances.

But you need to watch out because Jupiter is very favorable to financial issues and you could find new opportunities to make money.

Luck can be on your side if you knock on its door when undertaking business, and also if you are actively seeking employment.

If you are unemployed or you wish to look for a new job, the stars favor that your résumé arrives in good hands. And it will be even better if you also get a recommendation letter.


Your health issues will be under good astral protection this Friday but be careful with excesses.

You know from your experience that eating and drinking too much won't help you stay in shape or sleep well at night.

Organize your schedules to enjoy some free time, whether alone, with friends or colleagues.

Consider team sports. You would exercise while socializing with people with the same interests and concerns.