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Cancer Forecast for December 6

Cancer Magic Horoscope for Thursday
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Those Cancer who are single and whose heart is available will meditate a lot about what love is this Thursday.

We usually are not 100% comfortable and content with our life. When we are single, our dream is to be in a relationship, and when we have found our other half, our experiences don't correspond with what we expected.

Stop, think, analyze those aspects of your life that are incongruous. Then, choose which doors you want to open and which you want to close.

If you are in a relationship, your love life will definitely not be quiet and nice. Actually, it will be more like a tempestuous forest.

You and your partner will get the dynamic of arguing for absolutely everything.


Be happy for your well-done job, Cancer. Your skills are crossing borders, and everybody is talking about you and how skilled you are.

However, some people who have the same tasks than you are also making progress, and jealousy could arise.

Try to avoid competing, even if some people try to run over you to get more recognition. 

Give the best of yourself, and if you can, explore new sides that make you be even a more valuable, indispensable worker.

When it comes to your economy always remember to settle the debts that you have with friends and acquaintances. Do you remember? That coffee they paid this morning, your participation in that birthday present that you haven't paid yet...


There are some illnesses that affect only one particular gender, either male or female. Therefore, sometimes we tend to forget about them if we have the opposite gender.

However, the Magic Horoscope recommends that you don't relax and that you get a complete medical checkup, just to make sure that everything is functioning properly and is at the right levels.

Learn to disconnect from work, and don't take your concerns and worries home with you. Also, don't use your phone that much.

Is it possible that you have a phone addiction which is preventing you from seeing reality? 

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