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Today the stars favor that you judge people by their looks and not by what they really are inside.

You may think that it's ok to do it only today and that if you take care of your looks, you have the right to expect the same from others.

However, because you don't like the way someone looks, you can end up losing a lot of good people from your life.

In the same way, those Cancer who are in a relationship will be more concerned about their partner's clothing than other aspects that are more important.

Try to control your mind and your impulses, and make an effort to see the soul of the people around you, because that is the only thing that matters in the end.


Those Cancers that are used to team-work will realize that there is a negative atmosphere and that some points of view will collide.

Some tensions will solve, but that doesn't mind that you can stop worrying about the future and your economic situation.

In those situations don't try to take the lead. Just say your opinion whenever you are asked to.


Your health is not at its best this today, as you may know. The thing is that you don't really know what is wrong.

It seems as if your stomach, your head, and your legs are losing energy every time more and more, making you feel weird with your own body.

What if it is not that bad and the only thing you need is that someone listens to your everyday-life problems?

Saying out loud all the stuff that you are keeping to yourself will help your mind relax, and you will be able to connect with the universe and its energy, and therefore get good vibes from the cosmos.

Look for your best friend in times of need, tell him/her what worries you have in mind and you will feel the freedom running through your body.

And when you get home, burn some incense or rosemary to keep away those bad vibes that might still be around.