Cancer Prediction for 6 October

Your Horoscope for Saturday
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Thanks to the intervention of the stars, this Saturday is a perfect day to share your feelings with your partner.

The astral influence will allow you two to connect in a special way, which you can finish off with some sort of romantic evening with candles.

The same energy can help those who are single to show their feelings to the person they love or to consolidate a relationship that is in progress.

You will experience passion and many sensations that you will share. You and your partner will connect on many levels.

At the time of dealing with the few delicate issues on which you do not agree, try your best to make scale balanced, so that there are no future regrets.

Happiness is guaranteed to you today, so don't worry and be happy.


Thanks to the influence of several benevolent stars in the native sky of Cancer, you can start thinking about how you could improve your economy starting next week.

Perhaps it's time for investments, no matter if you've never done it before! Everything's possible with good advice.

Pay attention to your surroundings. You will find that there are needs in which you could offer your services. This could make you obtain a new source of income.

You need to keep on moving and innovating. Don't settle into your current financial situation as if it was your favorite pair of shoes.


You will notice that your health is improving, especially if you've experienced back or neck pain recently.

However, don't force your body doing activities that will require an extra physical effort. 

Your intuition may fail today. Don't act by your impulses and try to have a more rational way of thinking.

And remember to drink more water, you usually forget about it!