Cancer Horoscope for 7 November

Your Forecast for Wednesday
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Are you having a bad day today, Cancer? Many natives of this sign will experience great doses of jealousy, especially if they are in a relationship.

The stars recommend that you let your happiness shine today.

The Magic Horoscope foresees that you will be fiery and passionate today, and even lucky. You will welcome your partner's naughty suggestions.

On the other hand, if you are single, this Wednesday you will write an important page in the book of your love life. 

Maybe to put an end to that special friendship that wasn't going anywhere, or so that it is headed somewhere more intimate.


Go with the truth ahead of you, for if you lie they will catch you easily. Have you been living too intensely lately, Cancer?

If that's so, you will be forced to ask for a little loan to a relative or a friend, even though you may feel ashamed.

There is nothing to be ashamed of, that person will always be there to help you, no matter what.

It is necessary that you lower your pace. Your economy is too tight, and you better pray that you don't have any unexpected outlay.

And remember that in the future you have to be there for that person who helped you now.


To save time, we recommend that you organize your meals. Spend some time making up a menu for the whole week.

If you cook two or three more dishes, you can always put them in the freezer and consume them some other day. You will save money while you eat quality food.

Remember always to write down the date you cooked those foods. Smaller portions will be kept in better conditions and for a longer time.

You'll see how happy and content you are to have your meals for the whole week ready to eat!