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Let's be honest, Cancer. It is not necessary to play tricks in love if we want to be happy and live an authentic relationship.

Your sense of justice is the only thing that will help you have a harmonious life. Don't lie to your partner during this Thursday (or ever).

It is not necessary for you to pretend that you have some interests that you don't really have with other people.

It is important that you accept the situation and be patient before you throw yourself into a story with no future.

Likewise, don't make promises that you don't expect to keep.


The stars foresee that your economy is beneficial by now. You will be especially influenced by four dynamic planets in your sky.

As time goes by, you are more conscious about your job. Bravo! Sometimes you tend to be too humble and don't accept the success that you made possible.

This Thursday you will get the applause. However, it can take a while to reap what you sow.

Avoid taking risks. Making financial transactions should be the best of your abilities and skills today.


Every day there are more people that feel like they are doctors and that think they can recommend you treatments that are not proven at all.

Today you will have someone like that in your life. That person will make you believe that the remedy they are offering you is what you really need.

Don't make the mistake of believing it, Cancer!

If you are not feeling well just visit your real doctor and follow the treatment s/he gives you. Follow real, good advice for your healthy habits.

Likewise, it wouldn't hurt if you emptied your medicine box and got rid of those you no longer use (and that are not past due) and donate them to an NGO so that people in need can use them.