Cancer Daily Horoscope |



Mercury is not looking after you this Tuesday, Cancer. Communication may not be as fluent and prosperous as you expect it to be.

Choose your right words when speaking to your partner or your relatives. Be sure of what you are going to say before even opening your mouth.

The cosmos foresees that your loved ones won't understand your thoughts and motivations, so today may be a disaster.

If you are single, that communicative block may affect the love story that you are starting now.

At least you won't get any bad news today. Someone will tell you that some things that were really hurting you aren't true.


If you are waiting for some payment or some papers that imply economic movements, you will have to keep waiting.

Unfortunately, today your money matters will be very slow and tedious if you are a native of Cancer.

There will be nothing you can do to make things flow naturally. You only have to wait while the world keeps turning around.

Watch out schedules, for today you may be late to work or to important meetings.

Start making up excuses, just in case. And if you finally make it on time, you can use them some other day.


The day seems very calm and quiet. Anything will hit your health directly

Besides, if you are expecting some results, the doctors will give you good news that won't affect your daily life.

Take advantage of these circumstances to take more care of yourself, so that your energy levels are at their fullest.

You should treat yourself and give your spa a call. Ask for an alternative massage, such as clay wrap, so that your skin looks bright and beautiful.