Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 26 August - 1 September

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As this week goes on, you will be saying goodbye to August and entering September. Your atmosphere will be warming and positive, as you have your head in the game.

You are looking for weapons to help avoid routines that get in the way of your love life, and want to understand what keeps the passion alive in the bedroom.

Sometimes what is in front of you isn't true, just a trap. Even though a romance seems appealing, in reality, it brings more problems than advantages. It will taint your relationship forever. One of you is hiding whom you really are, so make sure you work it out.

There is a need for communication and honesty, my dear Cancer. It is the only way to sort things out.

Those single are optimistic as they start a new adventure in life, in which you flirt and feel sexy. Staying calm and being yourself is the trick you have up your sleeve.


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Thanks to the positive alliance that the stars are providing, there will be unexpected meetings that may cause some major changes in your future and its economy. Follow the light and your instincts, as you are the protagonist and know what to do at all times.

A salary increase or a bonus will make your life much easier, but don't spend it all at once. Always save some for a rainy day. Try to make your salary last all month, so that you don't have to ask for a loan before the week is over.

There will be some disappointments, my dear Cancer, especially related to transport. You might burst a tyre or have to pay out insurance on your car or motorbike. You might just have to dip into your savings!



Your best ally is your sky, as it will help you keep your health under control. The Sun will give you a better appearance, as vitamin D is running inside your body. Remember to always wear sun cream when exposed to the Sun, whether you are at the beach or even trekking in the mountains. Remember: water makes the Sun's rays even stronger!

You don't have your nerves under control, so try to find inner peace and don't let others hide reality from you. It is time to assume your responsibilities.

Meditation or other relaxing activities will help you keep a clear mind and know how to control your breathing. Drink infused tea or herbal drinks, as they detox your body.