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Cancer Astral Horoscope for Sunday 11th February by Magical Horoscope

Your Horoscope Prediction for Today, Sunday
Cancer Daily Horoscope |


Your heart is going one way and your mind another one; you have confusing feelings about what you really want to do in your relationship, what you should do, what you are expected to do and what your partner wants you to do.

It's not a complicated situation, but above all you should be honest. 

If you're not happy it's time to start working so you are, because days go by too fast. Looking another way doesn't change the situation; in fact, it can even make it worse.

Dialogue will be very important, but not only with your partner, also with your relatives. It may be time to get in the car and visit that relative that you got on very well in the past, and that now you only see in weddings or communions. 

You'll feel time hasn't passed. 


In very strange circumstances you are going to meet a classmate from your school time, and while you catch up you'll discover that he has a very interesting job, that will make you want to know more about it.

If you need a work change it's time to get going and try it, following their steps on your own account and risk. Don't be afraid of change, because the results await for you soon.

If you don't get to the end of the month very short on money, consider collaborating with some non-governmental organization or some group.

Look back; in your recent past some organization did something for you and for your people. How about now that you can help you allow others to enjoy those same advantages that you had?


Look after your throat, especially your voice.

You are doing an overexertion that can take the toll on your vocal cords; you think it's nonsense, something similar to a cold, but it could be something worse.

Rest your throat, speak the minimum and don't take cold drinks.

On the other hand, pay attention to your allergies, because you may have reactions to elements that didn't show any alteration in your body until now.