AugustHoroscope | Joan marc


Love: Someone really wants to be in your life

In the case that you have a partner, Cancer, you should know that no problem is expected to be irreversible. Moreover, the warmth will shine on the storm in your hearts.

Fertilize the field of love with creativity, propose romantic plans to your soulmate, unexpected dates, surprises that break the monotony.

It may even be time to move forward on projects that you have pending, such as starting a family if you don't have children, or expanding the existing one.

Cancer will have a seductive air quite powerful this August, they will transmit fun wherever they go, and in the event that you're single, you will notice the presence of someone who wants to conquer your heart.

You will present a favorable attitude for them to enter your life, but make sure you don't get in a mess, lest that same individual already has relationships elsewhere.


Money: Make yourself worth it and leave fears away

Leaving things for another day is a symptom of negligence, laziness and other very negative values. So in the case that there is a work problem that distresses you and makes you lose sleep, try to fix it soon.

Your economy is stable, although it fluctuates at times, stages with many resources and others with less that will make you develop your ingenuity.

If you want a change of course dream, yes, but that your expectations are real, don't go inventing the story of a path of endless success; and that is how disappointments and depressions can come later.

This doesn't mean that you can't make yourself worth it, and that you leave aside once and for all the fears you have to fail.

This month of August is especially interesting for Cancer who are intellectuals or researchers, because they will have a large flow of ideas that can help them take off.


Health: Learn to conciliate and be cautious

As a Cancerian you are a person who enjoys sitting at the table and a lot, and this may be your downfall.

Being on a diet can be a good idea, but you get tormented when they propose to go out to parties or dinners. So, this month you must learn to reconcile gastronomy, leisure and good health.

Your fears can be a burden, not only as has been mentioned before with regard to failure, but also that not everything goes well.

So, for example, if you travel abroad, you can be foolish thinking that you are going to get intoxicated with foreign food. OK?

Finally, in this cycle, a great vital learning is aimed thanks to experiences of close people, who will teach us not to make mistakes in life.