Cancer horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


Cancer, your skies are on fire this end of the weekend, and although your partner expects a pink, blossomed Sunday, you're not seeing that hue anywhere in your palette.

That's because, following the Magic Horoscope's wishes, you'll be a mighty jealous native if you are currently in a relationship. You won't take it lightly when your partner receives more attention or flattery than you do, and your face will be like an open book for it.

But watch out, because the stars don't mean to say there's jealousy; instead, the idea revolves more around a rivalry that isn't healthy, and which could make your happiness fly out the window if you don't handle it well.

As far as your intimacy goes, you'll become a burning, passionate crab. For some of you, Venus will awaken a violent, unreasonable, uncontrollable passion, and yet, shed some structure and happiness into it. You might want to try erotic activities related to domination.

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Even if it's a Sunday, that doesn't mean you can't find a job if you're out of work; take a leap into job-seeking websites, or pay attention to any open business that you might see during a walk around town; some could have signs requesting some extra help.

Jupiter will make you stay in shape financially speaking, and you'll be able to count on its blessing as far as your money-managing efforts go.

However, you will have to watch out with your wallet, because you have an excessive taste for luxury and shine. Control your expenses, because a financial storm could soon shake up your foundations and even take it all down. Make shopping necessary, not just useful.


You'll have excellent endurance and physical shape this Sunday 1.

Still, the image you see on the mirror won't be totally pleasing and you'll think about shedding off some weight, without even being too overweight.