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Today, love will be the foundation of your existence, the gas that will allow the engine of your life to progress and reach happiness with your loved one. The stars are keeping exceptionally intimate moments with your partner in store.

If you have kids, maybe you should juggle your schedule around a bit to spend some romantic quality time, fully connected to your feelings and syncing your two hearts back together, no excuses. You need to breathe the same oxygen.

You do things as best as you think as a single Cancer. Voluptuous instances come along as a promise of emotional and bodily satisfaction, but you might end up in some arms that aren't that good for you, perhaps because their owner is already married.

Spontaneous adventures feel undoubtedly fun to you, but deep down you're chasing after a soulmate with whom to grow old.

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Professional commitments will appear simpler than you thought; if you need to take the lead of a meeting or to give a lecture somewhere, the stars will give you the best of luck.

You'll master the art of persuasion, making little tweaks to what others can't understand, and all in all, you'll be a hopeful beacon of light within a bottomless financial pit.

Your ability to evolve in a professional environment is the definite result of the work you've applied to yourself; proper development at a position isn't just a matter of your resumé.

There might be an unexpected animal-related expense, especially if there are pets around you. You'll have to use those stashed-away savings.


You show an endless sense of greed, channelled through your interest towards the pleasures of tables; the problem is that you could go too far, and the scale could end up showing a weight bigger than you'd want.

It's just that for you, any excuse to commit to friends at buffet parties and dinners will seem like the perfect plan.

This could be a November 1 filled with festivities, pleasure and observations both varied and stimulating.