This Monday looks like a pretty dull day in love, so it's perfect to welcome the new week the way it deserves! Talk to your partner about fun, mindless issues, and make sure everyone else knows why your relationship is so special.

If your schedules allow, go out for dinner together, or head into the movies to see the latest film of your favourite star. You need some extra intimacy, something that you can't fully achieve when you have kids (or lots of friends).

If you're a single Cancer, you'll take a leap of faith and talk to the person you're attracted to, who has been a dear friend for a long time. Make the right moves and don't lose too much time.

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You'll become slightly more generous with your finances; you do it because you want to because you like to help others out or get them some coffee. However, you do miss people doing things and looking out for you the way you do for them.

Start planning the expenses of the upcoming week so that there's not too much of a surprise later on.

And if you can, turn down immediately any plans or ideas that involve spending too much money (especially if you're not particularly looking forward to them). Look out for your preferences and concerns a little more.


It'll be useful for you to keep a close eye on your wellness, because today you'll be highly sensitive to external stimuli, and you could have some stomach issues (which are likely to come from your nerves). You won't be free from experiencing an episode of nasty passing gas either.

Forget about going online and trying to find a diagnosis for what's going on, because all you'll do is worry even more and think that your situation is more serious than it actually is.

Finally, avoid taking part in arguments that will come up between members of your family; it's best for you not to choose sides and, instead, to use your diplomacy skills to mediate between them and sort the situation out.