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Cancer, you won't be very good at hiding your anger this Sunday, and that's why your partner starts wondering why you're suddenly showing that nasty attitude.

Is your rage against the machine of the world completely unrelated to romantic endeavours? Then, it's best to share it immediately. Even if things get tense, this doesn't mean you're entitled to taking a shot at complaining about issues that don't fit the bill.

If you're single, you'll tend to willingly defy the expectations of your crush. You think you're selling them an authentic flair, but don't freak out later if that behaviour ends up making you lonely.


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You're experiencing some difficulties at getting focused, your mind is completely set on your personal and professional goals, which are starting to muddle up. Don't forget to work on your friendships too, it could be a chance to keep progressing in the business world.

Despite it all, today you're not minding financial goods too much, and you're placing your bets on sentimental values. Just by having enough to make do, you'll feel on top of the world.

Besides, your kindness will be boosted, and you'll be satisfied with paying attention to others and taking care of them. You don't need to head off to an NGO to help out, there's probably people around you with all sorts of needs. How about paying a visit to that elderly relative of yours who lives alone?


You can take great care of your health, especially when it comes to sex. Remember to protect yourself, not just from pregnancy but also STDs, and even more so if you're having a field-playing single adventure time.

As far as everything else is concerned, you're in for a perfect Sunday, with good vibes and a willingness to try slightly extreme activities that fill your body up with adrenaline.