The wind is blowing beneath your wings with all its might and bliss; you're in a good mood, relaxed, and because of this, your energy and vibrations in love will come anew. You'll fill your spirits with courage and find words for those emotions and feelings which you used to hold back out of caution.

You've come to realise that life goes by too fast to let its best flavours escape your taste. Shame is nothing but a chain that ties you down to despair and you'll be able to do all sorts of bold moves, like ask out for lunch or dinner the person you like without them even expecting it.

Has your partner experienced a crisis? Just by doing a little extra work, Cancer, a lack of understanding will eventually make room for a brand new flock of butterflies into your bellies.

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Mercury will have a direct influence over your financial affairs; new career doors will open up for you, and along with your intuition, they will make you see which path fits your experience and training best.

You'll be gifted enough to be at the right time and the right place to be successful in life, although that's a long-distance race.

You'll learn to control your expenses, give up on superfluous whims that do nothing but empty your bank, and you'll manage to use little resources to give everything your family needs because all their needs will be met.


The Magic Horoscope predicts you'll be one of the strongest signs as far as health is concerned; you'll feel good inside and out, and you'll send away any trace of despair or sadness.

It wouldn't be too crazy an idea to include seasonal fruits and vegetables into your diet, especially those rich in fibre, to help your digestive tract and system work normally and comfortably.