Cancer, today you'll have a horrible feeling: you're terrified of loneliness, and you're thinking about how to fight it. Fortunately for you, the Magic Horoscope will give you a whole network range of loyal, truthful people upon whom you will be able to place your complete trust.

Is there someone you've been attracted to for a while? Then you'll be able to get closer to them thanks to the powerful influence of Venus, which will give you a special kind of magic so that chemistry blooms freely with whomever you want. If your heart doesn't have anyone on target, let yourself go, and you'll enjoy some casual encounters.

If you've been in an argument with a friend as of lately, you'll manage to make peace with one another; however, there's still a long way of hard work to do ahead so that everything comes back to the way it used to be.

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You'll start your Tuesday with a bit of a different flair; you'll feel uncomfortable around your work environment, and you'll get the feeling that a tiny spark could come alight and make everything burn down to the ground any second now.

Trust yourself as much as you can, Cancer, because you don't have more trouble than any Average Joe or Jane Doe out there. You'll be able to make it work for yourself, and you'll even manage to make some progress in a project that had been stuck to the ground for a while.

Leave your shame aside and ask for favours, or have your manager improve your work conditions with a better schedule that allows you to combine your career and your family life.

Finally, in order to save some money, don't shop compulsively and compare prices in several stores. You'll be surprised of what that simple, tiny gesture can do.


You'll restore your energy today; your skies will allow you to absorb any good vibrations you can find around you, and you'll draw off any harmful ones.

Despite this slightly tense event, you'll be very sensitive and easily get emotional. You'll appreciate what you've got in ways you never thought you would.

And in order to boost your sense of humour even more, try to dress in warm colours such as red or orange, because they'll help you do and show your best to the world.