You miss experiencing a night filled with raw passion and sensuality. A rushing life has made you unwilling to enjoy bedtime with your partner, and your sex life is slowly but surely falling into uncomfortable oblivion.

To bring it back to life, you might want to get an appointment with a therapist who can offer you some tips to change things together, until you reach the root of the issue. Don't let it slide if you think it's getting too serious for comfort.

However, Cancer, if you think it's just temporary, take a chance this Sunday and have a good dose of seafood and champagne, which are thought to be aphrodisiac. And let your bedroom become a firework display!

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You need to take off those comfy, soft shoes and get a brand-new, battle-ready pair. You need to go on a professional expansion adventure, knock your fist on the table and do something big to stop everyone from doubting your worth. Don't be shy and puff up in confidence when you achieve your goals!

You're at the right time to change the direction your boat's currently taking. Listen to your heart and your gut instincts, and mix them up with a good dose of sensibility.

There's plenty of light inside you; all you need is to know where to aim it, and which path you should take.


Your mind's been slightly clouded as of lately. Your memory's flunking, and you forget your keys at home, or you get a bag of trash ready to take out, but forget to grab it when you leave the house.

There's no need to be alarmed, it's nothing serious; in fact, it's probably going to happen again. Those small mistakes could be linked to stress, or even sleep deprivation, that makes you experience those blurs. Try to rest more and better, and you'll see things coming back to the way they should.