Cancer Horoscope Thursday
Your Cancer Horoscope for Thursday | Magic Horoscope


Cancer, luck is blessing your relationships, if you're getting to know someone that could be considered special. You're taking the first few steps of a romance that you'd rather keep secret for the time being.

Your emotions are definitely running high and it'll be hard for you to keep your feelings in. You'll understand that love is something too beautiful to keep in, and that it conditions more choices in your life than you could initially imagine.

As far as couples go, we'd encourage you not to make choices too quickly; if you're stuck in a rut, don't end your relationship already. Wait a little longer and let your hearts and minds get to the same level and pace.



It seems like someone's meddling into your business, whether it's your job or your finances. There's a nasty skunk out there who wants you to make a mistake and publicly admit to your failure, perhaps out of jealousy or just because they're a bad person.

You should come to terms with the idea that you arise jealousy around you; if you ask yourself the right questions you'll be able to find out who's the wolf in sheepskin, and you'll be able to demand an explanation.

But don't let it break your self-confidence, be proud of your professional achievements, and if you ever need it, ask the people you helped in the past to help you back.


Your body's slightly worn out as a consequence of all the emotions and experiences you live in your daily life. In some cases, you'll see how your immune system gets weaker, and this will come out in the form of a cut on your lips, or problems with your nails.

Be kind to yourself, don't be so hard and try to rest a little more. A nice bath with warm water and scented salts will be the best kind of soothing repair. Get yourself something nice, because you deserve it.