Your attitude towards love is a little defeat-prone, and you'll burn off your ships and enjoy watching them sink into nothing, swearing that you won't sail on the boat that has given you so much distress ever again.

Some of you will be surprised when you miss an old romance with which you suffered greatly; others will come back to the man or woman with whom you recently broke up (for reasons that apparently hindered the chances for reconcilement).

As a native Cancer, Venus will test your nerves the day before Valentine's, and it wants to see how far you're willing to go for love, and whether you can see the difference between love and other pretty similar feelings.

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Be very careful with snake charmers and smoke sellers; today someone could come to see you with intentions that might harm your finances in some way. They'll tell you about a business that will sound like a diamond in the rough, but it's actually nothing but poison.

At your company, you'll be forced to do something you really don't want to, like attending an event outside your usual schedule. If you go, you could come with a few new contacts on your list, who might be useful for your professional future (or that of a relative who needs extra help).


Watch your medical planning, and call that doctor who was meant to give you an appointment date that still hasn't come. Maybe he's made the human mistake of forgetting about it.

Stay calm if you're about to undergo some sort of surgery; your horoscope points to everything going just fine (although you could experience some minor discomfort over the course of your recovery).

Take care of your dental health by not drinking too many sour drinks; they weaken your enamel and therefore promote cavities.