The Magic Horoscope predicts that today you'll bring out your warrior's side, Cancer. Almost anything will become a stone blocking your path, and you'll raise your voice to call out in protest.

It'll be pretty hard to reach consensus with your family, and your partner will sometimes have to count to ten before they answer, to avoid telling you off too far. You'll become pretty stubborn and won't listen to any argument.

Here's some advice: no matter how upset you are against the world, try not to open old heart wounds, because there won't be anything good afterwards. You've been warned.

And if you're single, Venus advises you to be a little more modest. If you keep having that proud attitude, there's no way you'll win the heart of your love interest.

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A new week is beginning, and you'll have to keep a tight, close eye on your accounts. The infamous Hard January could become the hardest of them all.

Try not to spend too much today. You'll be so very ready to buy clothes, technology and other items, but you're better off not blocking your own path. Bring out your calculator and you'll see that this isn't the best time to get yourself something nice.

Besides, many native crabs will receive an invitation that borders on final commitment, and which could imply some serious spending, such as attending a colleague's wedding.


You'll be slightly afraid of the passing of time when your mirror begins reflecting some wrinkles that weren't there before. To fight ageing processes, use cosmetics that contain vitamin E in their formula. This vitamin plays the role of an antioxidant and delays cell death.

This time of year, it's very easy to catch a cold or an illness that keeps your nose stuffy for a few days. Do whatever you can to prevent any incoming ailments. And enjoy your Monday!