Cancer horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


Cancer, your boldest, spiciest side is coming out. Venus will make you want to try out some new stuff, to fulfill those erotic fantasies about which you've daydreamed more than once.

You'll know how to break free from certain fears, there will be no taboo issues for you, and you'll suggest what you'd like to try out to your partner. The best, sweetest words will come out of you naturally, almost on their own. You'll be quite surprised.

Routine has hurt your love story dearly, and it's time to repair all the damage taken. There'll be plenty of chances to party your heart out, and more.


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Set your finances straight. Put all your bills in order, make sure all your data is correct, and make claims for unpaid bills, or those that you haven't even been sent.

Now's the time to think about moving out, purchasing a home or getting a full-blown makeover in your current house. Anything that's linked to housing and changes will have the blessing and protection of the Magic Horoscope.

Some of you will be tempted with far-off job openings in faraway regions. Think about the pros and cons of this new experience, but don't stay home out of fear.


Cautiousness won't be your strongest feat this Wednesday, because you'll jump into adventures that are too daring, or in some cases, potentially unreal, that could alter your body and mind.

Don't be surprised if you end up having an ailment or an injury as a consequence of your actions. You're better off taking preventive measures.

However, this doesn't mean that you should keep up a sedentary attitude. Absolutely not! This just means that you should aim for sports and physical activities that you're already skilled in some way. You might even be the best among your friends and rivals!