Lately, you've been witness to the start of a friendship with someone outside town, whom you might have met over a trip or through social media. As Valentine's Day begins, you'll think you're attracted to them, even if they're not your type physically speaking.

Venus encourages you to be brave and play the love game. Tell them what you're feeling, and bet on your heart. If they say yes, you'll have won the battle. If they turn you down (maybe because they've got something going on they hadn't shared just yet), move on and keep enjoying your life!

If you're in a relationship, you could surprise your partner with something special today; leave your personal preferences and likes aside, and do what your partner loves best. Let them be today's shining star.

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Cancer, the stars can feel that you love complaining about having too much work or financial issues and that you keep moping and crying around all day instead of trying to find a solution.

As far as your close friends and acquaintances go, they're starting to take your issues less and less seriously because you're too negative and you keep quiet when there's actually good news. That's because you're not doing as bad as you keep saying.

Maybe in the past, you've had more affluent instances, but it's okay to squeeze a few notches in. And what's more, if you compare your current situation to that of some of your friends, you'll see that your resources aren't so minimal.


You've got plenty of issues you've squeezed into place in your mind, and the skies will make you think about them constantly.

Try to use your time wisely and do activities that give your mind a break.

Choose whatever feels more satisfying, no matter if it's walking your dog or locking yourself up in the house to paint on a canvas, and fend off your inner demons.