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The skies will be gentle with your romantic partners,and there might be serious chances of bumping into someone you've already loved before. You'll have an open pathway to keep having conversations with that person, or to gently walk away for good. In any case, everything's going to be fine, Cancer.


For those of you who are in a more seasoned relationship, you need some spice and fire. It's been long since passion last snuck into your bedroom, so you'll have to get more imaginative and heated. It's not enough to tell your other half how much you love them.


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There's a flair of harmony in your finances. You'll skilfully use your savings in the right direction, although rewards will take a little longer to come in.

Today's a good day to get in touch with former acquaintances, whether they are service providers, customers or other workers in your field of expertise. Get a move on and don't wait until the good things come to your life all by themselves.

Find the drive you need inside you if you're looking for a new job and can't find anything that fits your profile. The future looks quite bleak, but you can be your very own Sun if you research thoroughly for new market areas.

Someone close to you could give you an important key to career progress, but you'll have to go ask them for it as a special favour.


You need to make your daily life a bit of a lighter experience. You take everything too seriously, and that's the easiest way to fill your head up with unnecessary pressure. Don't hesitate to take a break from your duties every once in a while, and find reasons and circumstances that make you laugh any time you can.

As far as life at home is concerned, double your care and attention in the bathroom and kitchen, because they're the rooms with the highest chances for incidents. Keep your eyes open and the day will go by without a single scratch.