Cancer, you need to stock up on courage and fortitude and get ready to bring afloat your sinking love story. There's a serious crack in your shared path, and you'll have to fight monotony and boredom to bring spice and excitement back into your life together.

Sometimes you'd like to know where the line between stability and routine lies. Things will get especially complicated for those of you who not only share a home but an office as well. You'll have to bring up all your wits and passion.

If you're single, you'll feel attracted to new kinds of people. Your desire will arise with individuals you would have never seen yourself with, and you want to see brand new worlds beyond your daily, comfortable horizons. Have a safe trip, and enjoy your ride!

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Work steals more hours in your day than it should. You're slightly addicted to getting work done, and there comes a point where you can't figure out how to separate your work life from home life. You never turn yourself off, and there are a thousand people calling for you on your phone.

Learn to gradually step on the breaks until you reach a comfortable calm spot because this much speed won't bring you or your loved ones anything good.

There's an ongoing conflict at the office and you'll be asked to side with some of the parties involved. Don't let friendship dictate your course of action when taking positions, and fight for what you are interested in, as an individual with your own mind. Be a little selfish, it's for the best.


Things could go a little better as far as your health is concerned; there's past ailments that have come under the spotlight again. If you've already been through surgery in the past, it doesn't sound too crazy that your doctor might suggest that you undergo surgery once more to correct something that didn't go as planned.

Is your mouth bringing you distress? Are you having more sores inside your mouth or lips than you should? They might have been induced by stress.