You're obsessed with bragging about your bliss when it comes to love; you feel the need for everyone to appreciate how much you and your partner love one another, whether through public displays of affection, or tons of pictures on social media.

However, later on, when you're home you neglect things. For instance, you don't give your sex life the worth and appreciation it truly deserves. You need to add more logs to the fire and bring back those fireworks that used to sparkle and burst open behind your bedroom doors.

This Sunday is an all-around perfect day to boost and reignite passion; if you're enough of a bold Cancer, you might even try to introduce some fetishes into the love game.

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You need to challenge yourself if you want to save money; only then will you manage to get that trip you desperately want or that costly tech device.

Try doing something as simple as setting up a piggy bank in the bedroom. Then, put in one coin on Monday, two on Tuesday, and keep going until you put in seven coins on Sunday. And on Monday, it's back to square one!

This might sound a little absurd, but soon enough you'll have stashed away some juicy good money to make your dreams come true. Besides, it isn't that long before the next holiday break comes. If you get your game on, you could get started today.


Your physical state is good today, and you'll be especially efficient if you need to go on a physical or sports competition of any kind. Your rivals should shake in place when they see you come because you'll be able to take on everything and more!

Your sense of humour is improving, you're starting to forget about the existential distress that makes you overthink too much, and you're switching bitterness for smiles.

If life has taught you anything, it's that it's all about not finding answers for things that don't provide them and to just enjoy the ride of every day as much as you can. Remember that this Sunday is unique, so do your very best!