Cancer Horoscope Monday
Your Cancer Horoscope for Monday | Magic Horoscope


This Monday of March will be filled with dark and light as far as your heart is concerned. At some point, you'll feel disconnected from the people you love. You're so responsible and driven that you can't stand to see any task at work or around the house undone, and you'll focus on getting them finished and off your to-do list.

Taking on that much responsibility could end up being too much weight to carry on your shoulders because you would get stuck in a routine-based, monotonous life, where the world feels too heavy for comfort (even if you don't complain about it).

Learn to share your work. Taking all issues on yourself isn't making your house a home, Cancer. Stop pretending that you can get everything done on your own because at this rate you'll end up losing your mind.

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Using non-verbal communication wisely will turn out to be quite a useful tool for your business affairs. Sometimes you can express much more without words than with explicit speech.

Whenever you have to sign important documents today, you should appear confident and calm, no matter if your nerves are almost making you shiver from the inside.

Smile around meetings and stay active, project an open, tolerant attitude where you control your visual contact range.

At home, your finances are doing just fine. Your latest efforts and ideas to save money are starting to bring rewards, and the bank is slowly but surely filling up to the top.


You'll experience great health today. Your skies will show you as a strong, revamped individual. You could even be surprised about seeing some ailments from a few days past finally disappear, never to return.

Perhaps your schedule doesn't leave you much time to head off to the gym, but you should indeed move around a little more, even if it's just for short walks to keep your legs' blood flow going, and using stairs instead of elevators. And as far as your diet goes, include more water and fiber-rich products into it.