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Momentum will be the keyword this November 16: it could be a great Saturday, because you're motivated and dynamic, ready to take on the world.

You'll come to understand that listening to others is extremely important. Not only will you try to help out with their issues, but you'll also put into practice whatever advice you get from them.

As a Cancer, your love victories will be at easy reach, in the same way that you'll be able to make things up to your partner if you've been through tough times and arguments.

You are a real star at love, and you'll be able to turn around any situation, no matter how sticky it looks at a first glance. Besides, when it's time to apologise, you'll know how to openly set your heart on your sleeve.


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You're chasing after your personal and financial goals with a good dose of energy, but when the most important instance to do so comes up, you're missing the severity and strength required. If you can't reach your goals alone, be brave enough to ask for help before you crash and burn face-first into a failure that's both unexpected and deserved.

The confusion and chaos at work won't leave much room for self-expression. That's when you find it real hard to stay calm, carry on and avoid throwing everything out the window to run away.

Find a way to stabilise your inner energies; your instinct will not trick you that easily.


The more efforts you make to take care of yourself, the better the results and your self-perception. Your efforts are definitely worth it, and many people will congratulate you for your achievements into losing weight or building muscle.

Because of your enthusiasm and your newfound goals, your friends will want to join in your diet plans or intense workouts.

You'll be able to inspire many, although it is true that you'd rather be alone in your endeavour with no explanations given, neither for your good actions nor your mistakes. In any case, the stars encourage you to keep holding on. And remember: it's hard to get there, but it's even harder to stay.