Cancer horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


The stars will allow you to find the right strike with which to fight back the storms of the past few days. This Monday you're in for intimate conversations, opening up about secrets or half-truths, and questioning honesty in all its forms.

You'll be surprised about the way some issues that rendered you sleepless will fall into the right perspective. Your partner's not only open to forgiving you but also to make some changes.

If you're a single Cancer, you'll love yourself better, you'll learn how to deal with things all by yourself, and to understand that you shouldn't have a significant other by your side at all times, at all costs.

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As far as work is concerned, the stars will favour those that come from Humanities and the Arts, rather than those from a more Science-based background. Today, numbers won't be your best feat, they'll dance around in their own tune inside your mind, and mistakes could happen. Check everything twice, and add a third final check if needed.

Financially, there's not much else to say. It can be seen, however, that you'll become very possessive and authoritative. It'll get hard to do your loved ones a favour, even more so if that involves loaning a serious amount of money or temporarily giving away a high-priced item like a computer or a smartphone.


Of all areas in your life, health seems to be the most delicate according to your skies. You'll become a magnet for colds and other virus-born illnesses. Don't get too close to that workmate who keeps sneezing just in case!

While you're at it, watch your respiratory system more closely. It might be interesting to take a break if you're used to smoking. If you see that you can't break this nasty habit on your own, ask your doctor for help.