Your mind might be a little absent this Wednesday for all kinds of reasons, and some of the things you'll do will come automatically, unconsciously, as if life wasn't something you cared too much about.

You'll have to be more attentive to those family duties that require so much work, as well as those personal projects you've tried to make a reality for so long.

But inside this whole whirlwind, don't forget to give your partner the role they deserve; sometimes it takes days before you remind them how much you love them, and how much you truly need them to keep your life going.

If you're a Cancer looking for love you won't find the life partner you're dreaming of, but you will be able to have a great, fun time, even more so if you forget about your fears.

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Your whims are skyrocketing right now; you'll be desperate to purchase a pretty costly item, perhaps an electronic device, and you'll have to analyse how far your budget can reach to be able to buy it without falling into too much of a debt in the future.

It'll be hard to keep your compulsive side under lock and key, the part of yourself that buys the first thing you see when you walk into a store. You need to understand that there's plenty of things you might like, but don't actually need.

When it comes to work, be a little calmer when doing things. If you speed up too much, you'll see that your results are extremely poor. In some cases, you could even be told off by the managers.


How about using today as the perfect challenge to improve your health? Just by doing a little more of an effort you'll manage to lead a healthy life where you'll ward off any harmful habits.

Pay close attention to your diet, and follow the five-meals-a-day plan to the T, without skipping any single one of them (but don't add any more to the list!).

Alcohol won't do you any good; if you get rid of it even just for one day, you'll be helping your kidneys and liver work better.