Cancer, past mistakes will become a thing of the present this first Sunday of the month; your partner has made a slip that you'd rather overlook to avoid making them worried, or in some cases, to dodge your part of the responsibility.

It'll be your turn to shed light upon the matter and take your part of the blame if needed. Lucky for you, your partner will be benevolent. If the roles had been reversed, your reaction would have been much more radical.

If you're single, you'll learn to be more tolerant to other people and to accept opinions that you would haven't even considered otherwise. With this said, you might feel attracted to someone with opposing religious or political views.

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Your attitude at work isn't as bold as it needs. Your vision's a little dull, and you feel that with your effort and ideas everyone makes more money than you do yourself.

You have the feeling your company's exploiting you, or that your boss isn't appreciating you enough, and to him, you're just another number and not being taken seriously.

This Sunday you could think about taking a change of course, but before you do anything, you should analyse meticulously all the pros and cons of changing companies, or even fields of expertise, in order to see how you could make a living from now on.


At certain points this Sunday you could feel like you don't belong anywhere, even if it's just a few minutes.

Getting away from big cities will allow you to find your north, perhaps by spending part of your free time out on the countryside, walking your dog, or strolling along the shore, hearing the waves come and go, and taking your despair and issues with them. Listen to your inner Cancer and hear what it has to say.