Cancer horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope



Your sensitivity's heading into rocky terrain, filled to the brim with thorns this Saturday; but you're not completely alone, because the stars will take some care of you and give you answers to the questions you're shooting out into the stars. Other answers you'll manage to find all by yourself.

Slowly but surely you're building a comfortable world, especially if you're expecting to bring someone new into the family. You'll see issues before they even pop up, and you'll gladly welcome any innovative proposal that comes from your partner.

The single life might be too much for some crabs, but you're not one to throw in the towel or lose hope. As the weekend starts you're feeling pumped to meet new people, although you'll let yourself be guided more by external beauty rather than that of the heart.

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The Magic Horoscope fills you with consistency, confidence and motivation; a trio of emotions that inspires you to be bolder at work, not just because you have more money in the bank, but also because you're trying to achieve a sense of financial safety. You're more concerned about the future than the present.

You appreciate how you're starting to climb the career ladder; it's important that you stay on track, and if you can, participate in new experiences to become more efficient.

New technologies, computers and smartphones will be your main enemies today; they'll break down and abandon you when you need them the most. Perhaps you won't be able to buy that plane ticket you desperately need, or can't finish a transaction through digital banking.


It's a good time to please yourself and accept certain invitations. Enjoy your first guilt-free Saturday of the month.

Since the day begins, you're available to go on any adventure that comes your way, and everything becomes easier for those by your side.

Your aspiration is order, method and cleanliness. Many of you will take their off day to clean up the house top to bottom and place everything where it should be. If you empty your closet from clothes you can no longer use, you should consider donating to charity.