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You choose to ignore the reality that your loved ones bring you sometimes. There's some tough issues in life you should face, and the sooner, the better. Hard choices deserve being reflected on for a while.

You might find you've grown tired of an issue that seems to be endless, even about the routine of living together with your partner, but avoid showing that dissatisfaction too openly. Perhaps it's time to make things change, but without altering your homelife organisation.

Control your mood swings, even more so if the search for love as a single Cancer is turning out to be tedious. You might think that a calm, lonely environment is just as blissful as a relationship, but that shouldn't be an excuse to turn down possible meet-ups or improvised invitations.


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Dreams can't always come true and you need to be aware of that to avoid falling into hopelessness. Today, you'll get down to work in order to carry out some projects which look great in your mind, but aren't that easy to carry out later on.

Is throwing in the towel the solution? Not in your life. Prove what you're truly made of and double your efforts. Prove that if you want it, you've got it. Let everyone see that you're unstoppable.

Make a thorough check of your belongings and put your hands into every pocket you've got. You could find a lost note, which is definitely a good surprise.


This November 21st, there's wellness issues coming up, so don't forget. It doesn't matter whether it is a medical appointment, or a plan with friends to have a set of tennis or two.

You're giving your future and wellness serious thoughts. You're coming to the realisation that as years go by, your skills will decrease, and you shouldn't put off for tomorrow what you can enjoy today.